About Us

Georgiadis jewellery depicts it's design philosophy from the most natural beauty through the harmony of functionality and aesthetics. In general jewellery portrays an image of embellishment to the wearer, restlessly pushing our art to new forms of decoration and beauty. So our goal is that regardless of the jewellery's shape of form, the moment it gets worn, it fulfills it's role of 'accessory'. Adopting for design inspiration from experiences in life, Georgiadis relishes the opportunity to show luxury in every crafted work of art.

Georgiadis proudly presents the finest of jewellery with it's artful craftsmanship. Our collections are made from 925 Sterling Silver, genuine Gemstones and Gemstone beads, Platinum, Silver, Rose Gold and Gold plated metal components and adorned with genuine Swarovski® Crystals.

Niko Georgiadis and Marina Georgiadis have created exquisite jewellery since 2007.